Sports Management

Working directly for sponsors as consultants (either on their existing projects or seeking new opportunities for them), we bring together our entire experience in selling and managing programmes. Poachers turned games-keepers if you will. In every case, our protocol is to establish a clear brief – identify the marketing objectives or perceived opportunity, establish a realistic budget and then to work creatively to fulfil the brief and to maximise the benefits from the investment.

We know how to turn an opportunity into a good story – and a good story into a big event – on land, at sea and in the sky. By many we are regarded as ‘rain makers’; we make things happen. The projects we have been involved in have taken us from the racing circuits of Europe, Asia and the Americas to airfields in Kansas, Cape Canaveral, New Zealand and Western Australia, from the Australian outback to the high Andes, from the Mojave desert to the North Pole. The point is, our commitment to our chosen specialities of motor racing and adventure sport plus our in-depth tknowledge base travels well and the world is at our feet.

Since 1991 we have worked on career development and counselling racing drivers and other sportsmen and women at every level – from 19 to 72 years old. We bring our experience to their own goals and ambitions – and short-term objectives, whether for a one-off drive in a big race such as Le Mans or Sebring to a full or partial season.

By our overview of the entire market, we offer to our sportsperson clients:

  • Negotiation and management representation services
  • Access to options within the market and market intelligence
  • Full sports agency services: media relations, PR, social media, contracts, VIP management, sponsorship, etc.
  • Access to driver development and training
  • Continuous career goal review and consulting
  • Access to traditional sponsorship development as well as licensed product sponsorship deals

We have worked both as our own racing teams as well as the commercial extension of teams, amassing a wealth of knowledge and experience in the commercial structure of a team. We also will break out a singular function of a team’s administration and fully manage that; e.g. travel and accommodation, VIP guest management, sponsorship marketing, driver sourcing. We have the competence and capacity to manage any and all commercial aspects in motorsport.

With our history of sponsorship development and management, sportsmen and team management and media, we have built up an equal amount of knowledge and experience in hands-on event design and management. Some events are spectator events, but we try to add a ‘backstage’ VIP element wherever possible. In fact, we try to approach every event as if producing a show or shooting a movie; guests should be made to feel like they are in a privileged ‘behind the scenes’ environment. Our staple event is Le Mans 24 Hours every year where we offer both standard and customised VIP packages from 2-day weekend specials to customised 5 or 6 day programmes.

Beyond Le Mans, we create custom events for clients – both participatory and spectator activities – as well as creating and marketing packages at existing events when the opportunity presents itself. Please click the button below to visit our website dedicated only to our events business.

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