Sports Marketing

We have always seen sponsorship sales as a core activity in sports management – and as in any sales environment, you need to explain the features – but you sell the benefits. In sponsorship this boils down to three key categories of benefit: Exposure, Association and Opportunity.

Exposure is using the sponsorship to get the message across – from logos to informational communication.

  • Traditional media – TV, radio, newspapers & magazines, event signage (track/stadium, sports person, equipment, etc.)
  • Modern digital media – online advertising and social media programmes
  • ‘Meta-media’ – multi-player gaming, etc.

The values and messages which emerge from sport are a first level of association. But equally important is going to be what association does it have to the client’s brand – and in what direction could it be used to drive the brand forward. Sometimes an association is not blatantly obvious, but clever enough that it will give a client’s brand an unforeseen boost.


Sponsorship is not just a chance to do something new in terms of communication, but a catalyst for creating new media, PR and promotional opportunities across an entire corporate environment.

You will find the true added value of sponsorships via n the opportunities that organically (and by design) are created through your participation.

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